In our precision mould-fabrication facility, we are in a position to produce injection moulds of up to approximately two tons in weight and with overall dimension fo up to 500x800 mm.

Our range of fabrication equipment here includes technically advanced injection mould-making tools meeting the highest requirements for precision and quality.

In order to meet these requirements, we rely on a highly motivated and experienced staff together withe the most modern fabrication technology in all areas.

All fabrication technologies are, of course, seamlessly connected to our universal CAD-CAM system and furnish the various departments involved with the most current data from the individual fabrication processes.

Our service offering in mould-fabrication:

  • Injection moulds for automotive, electrical and medical applications
  • Plug-in connectors, cavity-forming tools, multi-cavity moulds
  • Insert moulds, overmoulds for metal inserts
  • Multi-component moulds 2K, ...
  • Maintenance and servicing of series moulds fabricated by us or by third parties
  • Fabrication of spare parts including measurement report
  • Service offerings in the areas: milling, HSC-milling, wire-cut EDM and die-sink EDM

We can be reached by telephone:
Tel. +49 (0) 9841 / 66 41 - 0