The production of high-quality and complex injection moulds begins with the innovative and customer-oriented development of a mould design.

We are more than happy to adopt your requirements and objectives as the basis of our work. Our experienced designers always have an eye to the cost-effectiveness, maintainability and quality of your components.

Be assured of our full support from the design stage through to ready-for-production status.

Overview of our design services:

  • Injection moulds for automotive, electrical and medical applications
  • Plug-in connectors, cavity-forming tools, multi-cavity moulds
  • Insert moulds, overmoulds for metal inserts
  • Multi-component moulds 2K.
  • Project support
  • Creation of test reports
  • Development


For the creation of our designs and CAM-programmes, we make use of the most modern Visi-CAD CAD/CAM solutions in 2D and 3D.


Data exchange:

We can be reached by telephone:
Tel. +49 (0) 9841 / 66 41 - 0